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We Offer Complete Campaigns Traditional Media Digital Media Creative Production Measurable Results

We Offer

Complete Campaigns Traditional Media Digital Media Creative Production Measurable Results

The Agency

Over 26 years in the industry, creating highly effective, multimedia ad campaigns that combine marketing acumen with the targeting capability and optimal efficiency necessary to give you the unfair advantage on the marketing battlefield.

The Tool Kit

Everything from Broadcast Television, Radio, Outdoor, Direct Mail, Print and Collateral to the most comprehensive, up-to-date Digital Marketing tactics available.

The Experience

Hands-on experience in helping a broad range of businesses, from privately owned retail boutiques to nationwide retail chains. It started with a ten year career in developing radio campaigns for national brands such as Home Depot, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Anheuser-Busch and many others …and evolved into an additional fifteen years on the agency side, creating, launching and managing multimedia ad campaigns, from top to bottom, for small and mid-size businesses including:

Markets We Serve

The Service

No ad campaign can be effective without first learning the competitive advantages, challenges and specific objectives of your unique business. We’ll inquire, listen and discover in order to develop the most effective and efficient means to reach your target consumers and influence them to convert into paying customers.

What You Get With Colbert Advertising

During the process, you’ll find that our work ethic is outstanding. No “set it and forget it” campaigns. No disappearing acts. No heavy-handed salesmanship to try and get you to spend more. No Pie-In-The-Sky. We’re fully transparent and will work constantly to monitor, improve and fine-tune everything we do for you.

Step 1

Let’s set up a consultation. If you have a current ad campaign, we can even offer you a detailed, complimentary evaluation.

Step 2

We’ll provide you with a complete strategy for marketing, branding, and advertising your business.

Step 3

We’ll develop, produce and launch your campaign… then measure the results.

The Results

We’re 100% confident in our ability to deliver positive, measurable results for your business. We understand that our work is only as good as the quantity and quality of leads it’s producing. Once we partner with you, our mission is to make sure you’re always winning.

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Programmatic Banner & Video

What is Programmatic Media? Simply stated, it’s the ability to specifically target the exact audience you want to show your ads to. It allows us to deliver your message to the right person, at the right time, in the right context. This can be accomplished using banner display ads as well as video display ads.

How does it work? Have you ever noticed after you shop online, research a product or just talk about a product, a banner or video display showing that product will suddenly appear on your desktop or mobile device? We accomplish this with our DSP (Demand Side Platform) that allows us to mine data provided by website and app publishers to pinpoint users’ geographic locations, online activity, consumer behavior and key word usage.

This precise targeting capability helps ensure that your ad will be shown only to those consumers who are demonstrating (in real time) that they’re truly interested in seeing it.

And, with the advantage of buying the data at a wholesale level, just like the big media companies do, but with substantially less overhead, you’re able to get a lower cost per thousand (CPM) rate and much more efficient campaign than your competitors.

Programmatic Tactics include:

  • Site Retargeting: delivering banner or video ads to consumers who have recently visited your website.
  • Search Retargeting: delivering banner or video ads to consumers by tapping into their keyword, contextual and behavioral data.
  • Geofencing: delivering banner or video ads to consumers based on their specific geographic location (for instance, a competitor’s store).
  • Addressable Geofencing: delivering banner or video ads to consumers’ specific household addresses

You’ll also have access to detailed reporting on your campaign’s impression delivery, clicks, conversions and more!

Streaming Television (OTT/CTV)

The rate of households that are “cutting the cord” continues to grow rapidly. More and more consumers are watching video content using Smart TVs or devices such as Roku, Tivo, Fire Stick, etc. And they’re choosing from hundreds of apps like Hulu, YouTube TV, Pluto, Fubo, Crackle, Peacock and many more.

Here’s the good news: we have the ability to deliver your ads to your ideal target consumer with the same precision as Programmatic banner and video display. So let’s say you want to deliver your :15 or :30 video spot via large screen TV to 35-54 year old females who frequently shop boutiques and live inside a 10-mile radius of your business …we can do that. Or let’s say you want to deliver your spot to 45-55 year old males who are researching roof repair online and live in a specific neighborhood … we can do that, too. We can also choose specific content, be it sports, news or networks (like Bravo, TLC, Food or Hallmark, for example). Your campaign is completely customizable.

Plus, you’ll have access to detailed reporting on your campaign’s impression delivery, view rates, conversions and more!

Streaming Audio

Like Streaming TV, the audience for Streaming Audio continues to expand rapidly. For instance, this year an estimated 62% of the U.S. 12+ population is listening to streaming audio every week. The average time spent listening is 16 hours and 14 minutes every week. And the audience for streaming audio ranges from 72% of Persons 35-54 to 46% of Persons 55+.

What are they listening to? Everything from Podcasts and Audio Books to streaming Local Radio Stations and Music Apps such as Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud and more. And like Streaming TV, it’s completely programmatic. We can deliver your audio commercial to your ideal target consumer based on their geographic locations, online behavior, keyword usage, demographics, etc.

Plus, you’ll have access to detailed reporting on your campaign’s impression delivery, listen thru rates, conversions and more!

Broadcast Television

If the objective is to deliver your message with broad reach to a relatively large volume of viewers inside your DMA, Broadcast Television is still king. With over 15 years experience in planning out and buying millions of dollars in air time for a broad range of clients throughout Ohio and surrounding states, we know which network affiliates and which of their dayparts will produce the best audience for your business. We’ll also use cost-per-point (CPP) analysis in conjunction with programming sponsorships and various added value components to deliver true efficiency.

In addition to broadcast affiliates, we also employ Zoned Cable, Interconnect Cable (to reach the entire market), Dish TV and DirecTV.

Broadcast Radio

Radio stills delivers a punch for effectively reaching consumers while in their vehicles, in the workplace, or even at work around the house, with heavy frequency. Like TV, it’s important to know where the sweet spots are in terms of the best stations, most suitable formats, best on-air personalities for endorsements, highest rated dayparts and most efficient rates and opportunities for added value. We’ll take all of the guesswork out and deliver the best radio campaign for your budget.

Social Media

Similar in function to Programmatic banner & video display are the various Social Media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and others. We work with all of them and have developed unique strategies to truly harness their power in order to make the biggest impact on your target consumer, make your ad stand out from all the clutter, and most importantly, deliver conversions.

Like our other digital media services, we’ll provide you with detailed reporting on how your social media campaign is performing.

Google Ads

A cornerstone for any digital marketing campaign, Google Ads helps to ensure that your business gets noticed whenever someone is searching online for your product or service. We’re Google Ads Certified and we know the ins and outs (and a few little tricks) to optimize your campaign for increased impression share, clicks and conversions.

Like our other digital media services, we’ll provide you with detailed reporting on how your Google Ads campaign is performing.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail campaigns offer your target consumers a tangible medium such as a postcard, letter or flyer that they can keep in order to refer back to important details, offers, dates or events, as well as coupons and other incentives. Direct Mail options include money-saving bulk Third Class postage; EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) used to saturate custom targeted delivery routes at a heavily discounted postal rate; and Variable Data postcards and letters that highlight details specific to the recipient (their car make/model or current home value, for example).

We also specialize in list procurement with the ability to customize for precise targetability (including demographic, political affiliation, VIN, property size, wealth indicators and more). We’ll also manage your list using NCOA (to reduce the amount of undeliverable mail) and CASS Certification (for increased efficiency in delivery).

Creative Production


Whether it’s a company logo, landing page, menu, postcard, banner or business card, our graphic design talent is top notch. Slick, professional, compelling and unique.


It starts with creative copywriting that conveys the outstanding benefits of your products or services in a manner that’s both persuasive and memorable. And whether it’s a large budget or relatively small one, we’ll use our skills, equipment and technical know-how to deliver an audio or video product you’ll be proud to deliver to the masses. Drone Videography is our specialty.